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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Emily of Emerald Hill - MYE2008

Format of the Secondary Two (Normal Academic) Literature in English MYE 2008 paper:

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
Total marks: 80/80
Number of Questions to attempt: One essay on Emily of Emerald Hill
One pssage based question (all sub-questions) on Emily
One poetry OR one prose passage

Study Hard for EXCELLENT results - MYE 2008

Dear Secondary Three (Normal Academic) students,

We have come to the end of Semester One's learning. Many skills have been taught in the classroom and so it's time for us to sit the examinations at half-time.

We should be preparing for all aspects of 1189 Papers 1 and 2:

Paper 1 Free Composition + Situational Writing
Paper 2 Reading Comprehension + Summary Writing

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Yeo Yam Hwee at

Remedial time slots - Mondays to Fridays - any time after 3:15 pm daily. Come,seek and you shall receive.

Work hard and reap the rewards.