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Monday, May 31, 2010

June Holidays 2010

Dear students,

This has been a tough six months for me at SHSS. Many things which were planned didn't happen while many other things which were unplanned did. Being an old hand at what I've been doing for the past 12 years [!], I took everything in my stride. For those who have survived along with me, a very big thank you.

Yeo Yam Hwee
31 May 2010
Bryan Tai - Secondary 4D.2009 - SHSS
In the thick of some serious, serious work...
Bryan Tai has left SHSS
But he is one darn great student...
His English sentences are almost always flawed,
but I shan't say it aloud...
coz I shudder the minute someone blares, "Who the ... is this boy's English teacher?"

Secondary Three Leadership Camp
The class on a balance
Trying to keep balanced
Balanced class members
keeping check
check in keeping
in check
keeping the balance

Life...many before and many more after...

will profess has its ups and downs.

Life...may not be like that at all.

This is a picture of yesteryear
when we were in 3D...
some made it ...well, we know 2 didn't
amos fu didn't...
and one more who dropped out...
The following year in 4D
we have Ummairah...
we now stablished at 35
Benjamin - at least he is awake now...
when he used to sleep in class under
broad fluorescent light

The Fountains of Life

The House Cat

waiting is a daily affair

waiting for the busy man

waiting for the provider

waiting for the one who understands

waiting for him to become

waiting for him to understand

waiting for him to wait with me...

SHSS.Secondary 4D.2010

Lines and threads
Drips and drabs
Leaving and returning
Believing and living
Seeking and giving
Green and fade
Green and light

The SHSS MRL June Holiday Outing to the Botanic Gardens Singapore