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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emily of Ermerald Hill - How does Emily dote on Richard?

                      FRAME 1  -  How does Emily dote on Richard, her eldest son?

    FRAME 2 -  A comprehensive view of the handout with textual evidence covering pages 3 - 5 of the playtext, Emily of Emerald Hill.

    FRAME 3 - Textual evidence 1

                      FRAME 4 - Textual Evidence 2

                      FRAME 5 - Textual evidence 3

                      FRAME 6 - Textual evidence 4

    FRAME 7 - Textual evidence 5

                      FRAME 8 - Textual evidence 6

    FRAME 9 - Textual evidence 7

                      FRAME 10 - Textual evidence 8

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creating Resources over the weekend - Language Teaching and Learning is a 24/7 challenge

    Weekends are also the time for me to update the contents in my blogs and to prepare more "FOCUS" materials for teaching-learning purposes with 3NA students in SHSS. 

Kuronekosan's Timetable Version 2.2011 - 4 January 2011

Lesson Preparation continues into Term 1 Week 1

Setting the table at my cubbyhole to begin the new year in the right note.  Getting the administrative matters right is one thing. starting off with lesson triggers to kickstart the first lessons with 3B, 3C and 3D (for English Language) and 2B and 2C (for Literature in English) is quite another challenge.

The first lessons are absolutely important.  Students respond better to certainty provided by structures, introduced by me.  One example of what I call "structures" is the provision of a cover page for the student's file.  Apart from that, students were also given contents pages for them to record their materials and homework and assessments.

Working overtime on 6 January 2011 to get the Literature In English cover pages ready for Secondary 2B. All these pages were fresh from the photocopying oven.

    I was also trying to put the cover pages for the English files in order:  All 3NA students will come into my English classes with an R file and a W file each so that they may keep their READING and WRITING handouts properly.

My first handout for the 3NA English Language classes in 2011.  Nothing is cast in stone.  I read the pulse of the classes and then began writing my trigger lessons and materials to match to hook my students to try to catch them when they are thinking in class.

    I had to find out very quickly during my first week in Term 1 what my students were like. My business is to build trust, hope and confidence in them progressively through my lessons.  Sometimes my approach worked, sometimes it bombed.  When it worked, it worked.  When it bombed, the approach had to be reworked.  Anything which can be achieved within the week should ideally not be carried over to the next week.  I have more things to contend with in the following week.  My students always get the picture of how rigorous the lessons are becoming as they move along with me.  This is why, lesson preparations are also done at home.  Yes, this is my clustered table at home.
Inspiration comes in all forms:  generic textbooks, magazines, newspaper articles and TV programmes.

Monitoring the Social and Emotional Needs of Students in 3D.2011 by Kuronekosan

School has just resumed and wow, Term 1 Week 1 was quite a big rush.  Lessons with my classes began but as usual, with lots of interruptions from students, CCA co-ordinators, teachers, allied educators and so on, when the lessons were in progress.  However, the Little Blue Book could not wait.  So Kuronekosan now shares how he monitors the social and emotional needs of students in his form class 3D.2011.

It is important that I am able to remember a student's name and address him or her correctly.  Then we discussed the form teacher's expectations of 3D.2011, focusing on the main points.  Seating arrangements needed to be settled, even though, changes may still be negotiable.  After that, the first Little Blue Book session was conducted on 6 January 2011 (Thursday). 

The Little Blue Books provided a conduit for me to reach out to as many students as possible in 4B, 4D, 5B and 4E Literature (elective) in 2010, last year.  In the same way, I hoped the replies I had made in response to the students' concerns written in their books had helped to soothe their nerves or answer any questions they might have concerning their academic, personal or any other matters at all.  But this year, because of the heavy Secondary 3 NA working schedule, I think I would just focus on conducting LBB sessions with my form class - 3D.